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Friday, April 01, 2005

Chicks with Sticks

Is it obvious I'm trying not to work today. Well thinking of things on April Fools day, I remembered the best joke I ever played on anyone. Although it wasn't used on April Fools day, its something to think about if you have a non-savey computer friend.

So, a few years ago, my friend Dave made the mistake of leaving Angel and I in his apartment unattended. He had a date (yes Mr. Dave did go out with somebody). Angel started the night off when Dave went to clean snow off his car (as it was winter). The chick Dave was going on a date with called. Angel answered the phone and pretended he didn't speak english. She hung up. She called again a few minutes later, again Angel speak no english. Dave comes back up, we're giggling like a couple of little girls, Dave doesn't think anything of it.

Well he left for his date. Angel and I got bored and decided to surf the internet on Dave's computer. We decided that we needed to find bizarre porn. We landed on a chicks with sticks site. We found the perfect picture, this "lady" was holding "her" dripping stick. Since Dave is not good with said computer, we thought it would be lovely if we made that picture his wallpaper (mind you this is also on a Mac, a little different set up than a PC). Then we hid the picture deep in a folder never to be found, who knows maybe its still there.

Dave gets home, we're a gigglin again. We decide to watch movies, Dave does not check his email at this time. And the computer is off.

The next morning I get a call at 10 am basically Dave's freaking out because:

A. There a chick with a stick as his wallpaper
B. He doesn't know how to get it off

Many hours later he is able to get it off the wallpaper, but unable to find said pic. I got cursed out, but it was worth it. Dave never left us alone in his apartment again.


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