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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Party Like A Rock Star

That's what I plan to do this weekend. It is my 29th. Ahh the last birthday before my long year. A few goals for this weekend.

1. Don't pass out before 9 pm. Since its starting right after work, I must remember to pace myself, and more importantly eat!! I think the Red Lion was a good choice. I must load up on fish and chips before I delve headfirst into the snakebites.

2. Don't pass out on the bar. Meaning, I should not drink rum and cokes. The now sadly defunct Lakeview Lounge was the place where many a times I tried to sleep on their bar.

3. Don't get into any fights. The scene of my last birthday fight was at 25, coincidently after I left the Red Lion. I'm too old for that shit.

4. Don't fall on the dancefloor of the Liar's Club with my dress over my head. I will finally have to win my war with gravity to get past this one.

5. Most importantly. Do not pass out in the bathroom!! Many of the bars of Chicago and Iowa City have been graced with my passed out form in one of their bathroom stalls.

Well I guess if I follow this list I won't be partying like a rock star, but at least I can say that I have. If you've never done any of the following, I suggest you ignore my rules and go for it. You haven't lived yet my friend.


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