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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What would you do for Popeye's Chicken?

So a new Popeye's has opened up a few blocks from my house. Hooray!!! So yesterday, Roz drove me to the Fed Ex in Skokie so that I could retrieve a package. On our way back we passed the Popeye's and she brought up "Remeber when we went to Popeye's that one day?" The day of course she was talking about was shortly after we graduated from college. It was early winter, can't remember the exact month. But one night we decided we just had to have fried chicken. We were roomates at the time living around Lawrence and Damen. At that time, the closest fried chicken place was Popeye's on Irving Park and Ashland. So, because it had just started to snow lightly, we bundled up and got on the El to go a few stops down to Irving Park. Well in this short amount of time, the snow had turned into blizzard like conditions. Now a smart person would realize that it would only get worse and would turn around and go right back home, but not us. We had fried chicken on the brain and decided that we would not go home empty handed. What a normal five minute walk from the El turned into a fifteen minute walk, with the wind pushing us in the opposite direction. By the time we got there, we were of course covered in snow that immediatly began to melt into a pool of water. Well we got our chicken, of course we were going to bring it home, because why would you want hot chicken in the actual store when you could drag it home through a blizzard. So we once again make our way back to the El stop get on board and go to our Damen stop. When we got off, two feet of snow had now accumilated. So we trudged through two feet of snow with more of it falling every second and manage to get home to enjoy our now lukewarm, slightly wet fried chicken.

Whats the moral of this story you ask? Nothing can stop me from having fried chicken when I'm in the mood.

But as good as Popeye's is, it still can't compare to Harold's chicken. That's the shiznit!

I love me some fried chicken.


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