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Monday, June 05, 2006

I have returned.....

First off, Happy Birthday Jess!!! Remember, no matter how old I get, you'll always be older than me. HA! HA! HA!

Second. I had quite the eventful weekend, filled with what else? Drinking, with some Germans, Pugs and kite chasing dogs thrown into the mix. So Friday, after work, myself and a few fellow employees of my company that will go unnamed when out for drinks after work. Now to start off, I had only eaten a muffin all day. You already know I'm heading down the wrong path. So I start downing Maker's Mark Manhattans at the Rail, when the wonderful idea of going to Mayfest came. Now if case you don't know Mayfest is a German festival that takes place in June, cause that's how the Germans roll! So I'm already half in the bag at this point, which means I should get a huge stein of beer. Which I did. And proceeded to take every conversation I was involved in down to the gutter. At some point Kells Bells showed up, which of course led to some Drunk Dialing to Jim. I still have no idea what was said, sorry Jim! Then we decided to go to spinners, which is a lesbian karaoke bar. So our group split, Kelly, Amy, Emily and I and the work guys. We were all supposed to meet up there. Of course, we get there first, decide its too busy and leave. Tried to find our missing party, but unfortunately could not. Sorry guys!! my bad. So we ended up at this total dive bar that was full of old drunkards. I got a rose from some skivvy guy and some guy named Roger kept trying to pick up our whole table. The highlight of the night came when the female bartender chased some old drunk dude out with a baseball bat. At the end of the night Jim had to come and pick us all up and take us home. I'm sure it was like trying to herd a bunch of drunken cats. Again, sorry Jim!

Saturday, started off the day stopping in work to see if my jobs I had sent to run finished, only to find that they all failed because we ran out of disc space. Then I met up with Justyna and Josh at a pug party at Joes. All the little doggies were cute, but I was still trying to recover from the night before. After the party we decided to take their pugs to the dog beach on montrose. At this time, Sadie (one of their pugs) decides that rather than pooing in the grass or on the sand, was going to on my beach blanket, and if that were not enough, 10 minutes later decides to pee on it. So laying on the blanket was out. The funnest part of the beach was watching some dog try to catch a kite flying in the air. It was smart enough to realized something was there, but not smart enough to realize it can jump 100 ft into the air. But damn, did he try. This went on for a good hour and the whole beach was cracking up. Josh then dropped Justyna, myself and Holly (another pug) off at the Belmont-Sheffield street festival. We hadn't been there in years (college was the last time), and found that either we are just getting old or the people have gotten more annoying. Either way, we found out if you ever want to attract a drunken trixie, a pug is the best way. Justyna was probably asked over 100 times if Holly could be petted. We decided that we would lose this festival and go back to Mayfest. I discovered there was a whole carnival aspect I somehow missed the night before in my drunken stupor. I decided it was best I didn't play any of the games, because the last time I played a carnival game, I threw a dart into the back of a carny. My bad again. It was definitely way more enjoyable then the Belmont-Sheffield street fest. Josh of course had to come back out and get us. And poor Holly was falling asleep while we had coffee and waited.

Sunday, I slept like the dead. I woke up to find that I must have left my cell phone on all weekend because it was completely dead. So my phone wasn't working until later in the night. So sorry to all my missed calls.

Until next weekend.

Later friends.


  • At 7:36 AM, June 06, 2006, Blogger Full Metal Lunchbox said…

    What a great adventure you had!

  • At 6:11 PM, June 17, 2006, Blogger Stephen said…

    Sw333333t. That sounds like a fun weekend. You have to let me know how your class in gardening goes.

    Oh, by the way I am back... it took me three weeks of sitting around the house and driving around Austin, but I think that I am finally back to join the living.

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