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Monday, October 31, 2005

So once again, I have been missed. Don't you people have a life of your own?

So I haven't posted alot in the last two weeks due to being in Schaumburg for a Java class all week while deathly ill, then returning to work for only three days, as I had vacation Thursday and Friday. The Sox winning the world series couldn't have come at a better time for me. So to catch all you up on my oh so exciting life here were the events of last week.

Most importantly: Sox win!!! I watched every game since the playoffs began. I remember telling Dave early on in the season, that the Sox just may do it. He said, in his usual Dave way, that they will crumble. Of course he has no memory of this conversation. How convienent. I also believe that I just may be the Sox good luck charm, therefore some wealthy Sox fan needs to buy me season tickets for next year. That would be oh so kind. Let me explain, you see I'm whats called a passive baseball fan. I'm a chicago fan, not really a cubs or sox fan, although I detest a good percentage of the cubs "fanbase", as illustrated in my earlier blog:
It's so funny because he's so soft and I'm so hard....

So I say I'm good luck because I didn't watch the first half of the third game. I tune in right at the top of the fifth, you know when the sox were down 0-4. Then right in front of my eyes, its 1 2 3 4 and 5. Of couse knowing it was me who caused all this, I had to watch the game to the bitter end. Yes I was quite tired the next morning. I know Jim thinks I'm full of it right now, but you just wait Jim, I will lend my luck to another team next year, maybe the Blackhawks, they've sucked for quite some time. I'll only lend my support to the cubs again when I'm able to get half way decent seats after trying to buy some when they go on sale.

Okay on to the next moment of the week: Angie's band rocks out at Wise Fools Pub. First off, it was nice because I didn't have to work at all the next day so not only could I drink, but I could riot when the Sox won. I ran into some old collegues that night, Simon and Brian, they run the showcase that Angie played with. It's called GoJangle.com. Check it out, y'all. So I got drunk, Angie's band played, Justyna, Jessica and I dance for the riot cops who were out, and all went well except until the end when this hippy jackass wanted to play. It was around midnight and Double Fortune had already played for a good hour and half. She wanted to wrap it up because hey she had to work in a few hours and needed some sleep. Well after two encores (and a very fun rendition of Yellow Submarine with the whole audience getting involved), she wanted to pack it up. Well the hippy jackass comes up and says she should play more, she says no, she's gotta go, but if he wants to play he should ask the sound guys. Hippy jackass asks the sound guy, he says yes, then goes back to Angie and asks if he can borrow her guitar, she reluctently lets him borrow it for one song while she packs up everything else. Well Hippy jackass starts to jam, for like 15 minutes. She asks him nicely to let her have her guitar back because she's gotta go home. He gives it up then says to her some bullshit about how all she cares about is making money and isn't into music for the love of it. That just pissed her off. Ungrateful Hippy jackass, her job is the reason she has the guitar and he doesn't. Fucker.

Okay and final week event: Dave's pumpkin carving party. So because I had two days off, I told Dave I could help out if he wanted. He handed me $30 and told me to pick up some snacks. Little did I know I would end up catering the whole party. It went off without a hitch. Roz and I decided not to carve pumpkins, but rather heckle everyone else's efforts. Dave's friend Ethan(or was it Evan?) from work had probably the best costume. He was a hick with the most realistic fake hillbilly teeth I've ever seen. He was in character the whole time, so much so, that people thought that those where his real teeth and he was that weird. Well he is that weird, but not a hillbilly. My favorite moment of the night was the sensual commentary he gave while Jim was eating a chocolate dipped strawberry. It was fun, Dave has been doing this every year for the last few years. As a matter of fact it was my 4th or 5th year anniversary of meeting Jim (sorry buddy, but it feels like I've known you forever at this point).

Anywho, thats the wrap up of this week. I promise I will do a thursday fun this week. I'll do it in honor of Ethan.

Oh yeah, Happy Halloween! And Kelly, if your going to be a zombie pin-up girl next year, I think I want to be a dead hooker.


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