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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I am cursed!!! (a.k.a Oh Happy Day)

So this last week I saw Ju-On and The Grudge (american version obviously). I absolutly loved Ju-On. Loved it so much in fact there's a four-disc version out with Ju-On, Ju-On2 and the original television versions in Japanese that started the whole thing. I wish I had watched the Grudge first because many of the questions I had when watching Ju-On were answered in the Grudge because they needed to explain things apparently every Japanese person would understand, but not americans. So anyways to the cursed part.

So this last week, every now and then I'd pick up my cell phone and hear this strange random beat clicking noise. At first I thought my cell phone must be going batty, since its pretty fucked up in the first place and I really need to buy a new one. But then yesterday, I get a call from J on my work phone and the clicky noises started again on there. The clicky noises are following me everywhere. This seemed similar to the cracky groany noises from Ju-On and the Grudge that were on the telephone, so hence I must have inevidably cursed myself. But I don't think I'm doomed to die quickly, I think I've been cursed with mediocrity. My life has been and is pretty damn boring, I need to make it exciting again. But then again most of my past excitements revolved around druggin and boozin. My body can't take that kind of a beatin anymore. Oh well. I guess I should also beware of any small japanese boys hanging around with black cats.

Maybe I should go to vegas with J for our birthdays. That would be excitin.


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