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Monday, May 16, 2005

Stardust and Beer Cheese Soup

So this weekend, J and I went to go see Stardust, a play based on the Neil Gaimen novel. I can't say enough how excellent it is, everyone needs to see it, especially if they are a Neil Gaimen fan - I'm talking to you Dave. In a somewhat interesting twist of events, the tickets did not have the address, I had a somewhat vague idea of where the theater was, but since I knew my upstairs neighbors, Paul and Vanessa worked with the theater group, I decided to call Vanessa and ask where it was. She obviously knew where it was, but even more importantly she was in the play!! Look for the queen witch, and man did she play it well.

Afterwards, J and I went over to Chief O'Neils on elston. They have the best beer cheese soup. We ate, then drank like fish and debated calling people at various hours of the night. Two drunk old friends are usually up to no good. We both commented that there was no eye-candy for us that night. I did get hit on by a skeezy drunk guy a couple of times. Once coming out of the bathroom and again trying to get drinks at the bar. Him and his cohorts at one point were trying to hit each other in the nuts. You know thats a quality man there for you.

The only regret I have from that night is that I missed Jim and Kelly's call about getting a drink. They live so close by that if I would have gotten the message earlier I would have invited them along. Ahh, we'll have to do it again sometime soon guys!

Chief O’Neils- 3471 N. Elston - Chicago, Ill

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