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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

And this is per your request Josh

Here's an early B-day present Justyna

Sex in the kitchen
Pass the dinner rolls

Monday, September 12, 2005

He's a grower not a shower.....

So my 29th has come and gone and it was quite an event. On Friday we started off at the Red Lion Pub. Angela, Kim and I went right away after work. I introduced Angela to the joy of the snakebite. I don't know what it is about that mixture that causes drunkenness so fast. I had been telling Angela about this place, about it reportedly being haunted for oh a week or so. So we are talking about it to our waiter and he's telling us about stuff he's seen, and suddenly Angela is freaked out. So you know that a good start. Later that night I had to accompany Angela to the bathroom because apparently the ghost was jiggling the handle while she was in there. Because I've always wanted to see a ghost, of course I never see one. It might have something to do with me demanding that if a ghost is at my residence it should at least clean or something, I don't like freeloaders. Eventually everyone else shows up so we moved to the patio upstairs. And more drinking ensues. I find out that Kelly has also been accosted by Six at Women's Workout World. Anyone who works with me knows what I'm talking about. There's a special mobile only blog I wrote about Roz's incident on Josh's blog. We also got to hear about the condemned apartment that Jared lived in in Flint. Apparently he had to get a bucket of water from down the street to flush the toilet. There was also a hole in the basement floorboard that went right to the sewer system. I can't believe someone actually paid rent to live in a place like that. So by midnight we decide to move to Liars club. I was surprised to see Paul show up there, but it was a nice surprise. So we are dancing dancing dancing. I tell Justyna that I need to hear my jam (I have previous post about this called Whats your jam!). She goes to request it at the DJ booth and right as she gets there its played. So I say, hey this totally makes my night!!! Oh how wrong I was. So we are at our table by the bar and Kelly comes over and says "Hey there's a naked guy on the dance floor" So immediately all the ladies of the table take off to the dance floor to have a peak, interestingly enough none of the guys went to look. So I get my peak, and yes there is a butt-ass naked man on the floor just a jigglin it with a circle of folks around him. I come back to the table and about five minutes pass when suddenly Stephen pipes up and asks where his wife is. Of course, she's still by the naked guy. He pulls her back and she tells me Angela is dancing with the naked guy. So we go back up and sure enough within the circle of people, there's Angela doing the grind with the naked guy. Now that made my night. When the club closed we tried to pick out the guy, but unfortunately none of us knew what his face looked like. And then the usual conversation amongst women starts about the naked man and his shortcomings. In which Justyna says "He might be a grower not a shower". Ahhh what a great night.

So the next day, which was actually my birthday, Dave and Kesha took me out to dinner. It was a surprise and I had no clue where we were going. So we drive somewhere in the south loop and get to 1 Financial place. Trying to get in there is like trying to get into Fort Knox. Apparently you have to have a reservation before they will even open up the garage. At this point I still have no idea where we are headed. Earlier, Dave told me to dress up and Kesha asked to borrow my stole. I was thinking, wow the only place I'd ever wear my stole is at the Everest Club, and I know we are not going there. Well we went to the Everest Club. To fully comprehend this place, is first off the one restaurant I've always wanted to go too, but it is soooo expensive. If you've ever seen Check Please, the host is the wine person there. It was kinda bizarre to see someone you see on TV every week at their actual place of work, working. Not only did every person who worked there know it was my birthday, but we also had a fabulous table that overlooked the city and the best view of the sunset. We had the 7 course set meal with wine pairings and it was amazing. Now to understand, I've had food this good before at high quality restaurants, but what really sets this place apart is the service. I've never experienced anything like that before. Now Kesha and Dave have set the bar high for their birthdays, I'll have to see what I can do. Thanks guys, I absolutely loved it. You made a dream come true... ahhhhh.

Now to my five rules. I did not break one all weekend!!! Well, I almost broke #3, apparently some trixie tried to start a fight with Kelly, so me and Angela thought we should just go intimidate, in which of course everyone reminded me of my rules I set fourth. Kelly wouldn't tell us which chick it was. Ahh well, liquor makes me feisty.

So to all my friends, thanks for making this one of the best birthdays ever. Especially since it is my last. (I have one long year ahead of me!!)