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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I am cursed!!! (a.k.a Oh Happy Day)

So this last week I saw Ju-On and The Grudge (american version obviously). I absolutly loved Ju-On. Loved it so much in fact there's a four-disc version out with Ju-On, Ju-On2 and the original television versions in Japanese that started the whole thing. I wish I had watched the Grudge first because many of the questions I had when watching Ju-On were answered in the Grudge because they needed to explain things apparently every Japanese person would understand, but not americans. So anyways to the cursed part.

So this last week, every now and then I'd pick up my cell phone and hear this strange random beat clicking noise. At first I thought my cell phone must be going batty, since its pretty fucked up in the first place and I really need to buy a new one. But then yesterday, I get a call from J on my work phone and the clicky noises started again on there. The clicky noises are following me everywhere. This seemed similar to the cracky groany noises from Ju-On and the Grudge that were on the telephone, so hence I must have inevidably cursed myself. But I don't think I'm doomed to die quickly, I think I've been cursed with mediocrity. My life has been and is pretty damn boring, I need to make it exciting again. But then again most of my past excitements revolved around druggin and boozin. My body can't take that kind of a beatin anymore. Oh well. I guess I should also beware of any small japanese boys hanging around with black cats.

Maybe I should go to vegas with J for our birthdays. That would be excitin.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Is so funny because he's so soft and I'm so hard....

A snippet of conversation overheard at the cubs game by a pack o'trixies behind us. This was a description of one's brother who is now 29 and married with a family and apparently he has no problem with crying. I burst out laughing when I heard this statement. For those of you not from the chicago area, you can find out what a trixie is by checking this FAQ I clipped from the domain dead lptrixie.com

Trixie F.A.Q.The Society often fields questions from Members, Friends or Media regarding the Trixie Lifestyle. To assist in answering many of these questions, the executive board has prepared this list of Frequently Asked Questions. For information or to offer a suggestion or correction, please e-mail Jill Martin, Director of Membership.

1. What is the average age of a Trixie?
The average age of Society members is between 22 and 36 years of age. Some popular myths claim that the typical Trixie is younger than this averaged, perhaps even college-aged. However, this is definitely the case. To support the wide variety of ages and social standings of our members, the Society has created different membership levels to meet the individual needs of each group. For example, the Pixie level membership is reserved for College-aged girls (20-22), while the Super Trixie level is reserved for those women who have reached the pinnacle of social success (28 and 36). For additional information, please refer to our Membership Guidelines.

2. Are all Trixies Single?
No. Among all Society members, approximately 45% are married, with the remainder being single or even divorced. The average single Trixie is between 22 and 26 years of age. For the typical single Trixie, the approach of age 26-29 signals the time to retire the college lifestyle and begin the search for the right husband.

3. Is it required that all Trixies look and act alike?
Emphatically No! Many people believe Trixies must look and act alike, for some silly reason. But the truth is that the Society and its members are a tediously diverse group. A cross-section of the Village's residents reveals that Trixies often choose to look and act like their best friends and coworkers, but these girls often take small, subtle risks to differentiate themselves from their peers. For example, when Kate Spade handbags were first introduced, all Trixies bought the standard black model because that's what everybody else did. Nowadays, however, some Trixies venture away from the standard black bag and buy blue, green and even white bags. Other Trixies have been known to buy white Jettas, or stray from Starbucks and buy their Lattes at places like the Corner Bakery, Seattle's Best, Caribou or even Peet's.

4. Is the Society a "Husband Shopping" organization??
No! The Society does not classify itself as an organization dedicated to finding members the correct spouse. In fact, with nearly half of all Society members already married, little effort goes into matchmaking. While the Society does urge its members to find the *right* husband, matchmaking per-se is not our purpose. That's what all of Lincoln Park's bars, clubs and restaurants are for. Places like the Marquee Lounge or Tilli's are among the best and brightest places to find the perfect husband (or Trixie wife).

5. Do you have to drive a Jetta to be a Trixie?

Absolutely not! Some of the more successful members of the Society drive BMWs, Land Rovers or even Land Cruisers. However, the Jetta remains the most popular car amongst typical Society members due to its affordability and its similarity to the BMW 3-series.

6. Do all Trixies live in Lincoln Park?
No. While most Trixies do live in Lincoln Park (and are highly encouraged to do so), some members choose to live outside the Village's boundaries for whatever reasons. In a historic move, the Board approved a measure in fall 2000 to expand the Society's official borders to include Lakeview, Wrigleyville, Bucktown, and the Gold Coast. For additional information, please refer to our new boundaries map.

7. Why is Starbucks so important to Trixie Culture?
As chain coffee stores like Starbucks have begun to truly define neighborhoods, Trixies have come to embrace this trend for several reasons: First, Starbucks is an impressive place to buy your coffee, plain and simple. With the myriad of different adjectives you can use to define your latte, you're bound to stand out and make a statement about how smart you are. Secondly, Starbucks is not cheap. While many Trixies exist on a shoestring budget (due to the need to buy the most impressive clothes and showbox apartments), holding a Starbucks cup silently tells your coworkers and best friends that you've made it. And that's what being a Trixie is all about. For more me information on the tons of Village-area Starbucks stores, please refer to the Society's Starbucks Guide.

8. Can Trixies Smoke?
This is a very touchy subject. There are very select times when it is permissible for a Trixie to smoke: (1) when strictly when in a social situation where liquor is involved, such as an evening out with best friends at the Marquee Lounge, and (2) when in one's own home or another totally private place or alone with other Trixies who secretly smoke. It is NOT acceptable for a Trixie to smoke in other situations, such as walking down Armitage or driving one's Jetta through the Village. Cigarette smoking is dirty, and most Trixies just don't want to be associated with such a nasty habit, even though so many girls are heavily addicted to their Marlboro Lights. If you need to smoke when not in an acceptable setting, make sure you duck out of sight into an alley or other location that will appropriately mask your nasty habit.

9. "Don't stare at me!!": Why this is OK.
One of the most pressing questions asked of the Society by members and friends is "I'm incredibly good looking, and I don't care if guys I approve of look at me, but I don't want guys I DON'T like staring me down!" This is a feeling experienced by most Trixies as a group, and often occurs in public places, such as on the Ravenswood Train or standing in line at Starbucks. While there are no known remedies to completely obliterate this bothersome problem, the Society recommends that members who are victimized by such a situation give the offender your best quick nasty glance. This often makes the offender quickly turn away and mine his (or her) own business.


Anyways, also this weekend my brother, sister and brother in law were in town. We saw aforementioned cubs game, played miniture golf and I was second with one stroke off my brother in laws score, much to my brothers dismay, saw an IMAX movie for the first time and that was pretty cool (yes Dave I will now attend these with you), went to the ESPN Zone (but Dave and Busters is better for this kind of entertainment), went on a search for a good burrito and stayed at a nice hotel which ended up killing my neck and shoulders which I'm still feeling today. So that was the long and short of it.