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Monday, November 07, 2005

We have met Naked Man and his name is Rick!

So on Friday, a good chunck of us, including (surprise, surprise) Tina went to McGees for free alcohol for two hours. While there, it happened to be eighties night, in which Kelly and myself kept winning every trivia question posed. So after awhile we were told we couldn't win again and the guy started asking us for trivia questions. But hey, I got three free shots of Jagger out of the deal. So once the two hours were up, we went to Liar's Club. Yes, the home of Naked Man. Well we get their earlier then we ever have before, so we didn't have to pay a cover and besides ourselves a small group of chicks and Naked Man, but with his clothes on. I have to hand it to Justyna, I would never have realized it was the same guy. So we ended up talking to him for quite awhile, what his story was, and how did he end up becoming the Naked Guy at Liar's Club. So the story goes like this:

He was there with two female friends. The song "Hot in Here" came on and they started suedo stripping. So he played along and they dared him to take it all off. Apparently Rick is also a nudist, so he didn't care and chucked all his clothes off. So everyone there got a kick out of it, and the next time he went people were asking him to do it again, because they had friends who weren't there last time and didn't believe them. So he did it again, and now my friends it has become a staple for the club.

We also found out Josh and Rick work for the same company.

So here's to you Rick and your naked ways! Rock on my brotha!