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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Future Evil Overlords of the World!!!! Drew and Reese must mask their war cry behind the shower curtain, as to hear it directly would be more than mankind could handle. Posted by Hello

The dork runs strong in our family. Posted by Hello

What she really wants is to devour your soul! Posted by Hello

No matter what you do, you just can't win!

So I found out this morning, a guy who works in the quote department got his bike stolen in an attempt to not get it stolen from our lot. Rather than chaining to our lot's bike fence, because as you all know now, we don't have the best security systems in place, he decided to put it under the Metra viaduct on the huge bike rack there, figuring, more traffic, less chance of theft. Well it got stolen yesterday. So that makes it 4 bikes this year. The security system for mine is going in place.

Oh well, anywho, so I get $500 for Justyna coming on board on our company. It will be a wildfire night again soon!!! I just wonder how long it will take to get my check. I'm also going to buy my rock star shoes with it. They are $100, but it will be worth it.

Look and covet bitches!!!!

Are you jealous yet of my sweet shoes?!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm the company bitch!!

So as you already know, my bike was stolen. Today it occurred to me that now that I know that other bikes were stolen before mine, how come this was never released to the company. I know that if I had known that there were bikes being stolen from our lot, I would have locked my bike down even more, but I had assumed it was safe there since its the same place where the president of our company parks and its gated. So the more I think about nobody being notified of property theft, the more I get pissy. I was talking to Louanne about this at work and she suggested that I bring this to Paul, our company president, because, A- He's a cool guy and B- All the yes men who surround him probably don't let him know whats going on for real.
So I return to my desk and I get a call from Louanne about 10 minutes later. She told me she ran into Paul and asked him if he's heard anything else about the bikes being stolen out of the lot, well needless to say he didn't and he said he was going to have a talk with the head of the security team (who also happens to be a VP here). So its official, I'm the company bitch cause I'm getting ol'boy in heaps of trouble.

Like I said, nobody steals my stuff and gets away unscathed.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My new bike I'm ordering

Sweet, isn't it.


So yesterday my bike was stolen at work. Thats just great. My favorite mode of transportation is now gone. The fuck-twats who stole my bike didn't realize that there was a securtiy cam on them at all times. So not only were their faces caught, but also the license plate number on their car. And I'm delighted to learn that in Illinois, any property over $300 is considered a felony... my bike is worth $300 ha ha, motherfucka's are gonna get caught. So be on the look out for a white ford pick-up with a white hood on the bed. Their license plate is Wisconsin Truck Plates AN 29-062. You see this truck, key it or break a tail light then call me to let me know where it is. The vendetta is on. Its a white dude and mexican dude. The white dude does the actual stealing and the mexican dude is the look out. What, strangely enough, even upsets me more, is I found out that the guy who's bike I coveted (some of you might have heard me go on about the guy with the cool white bike before), his also got stolen a few weeks ago. I think it might be the same people since they are targeting only certain types of bikes -- a.k.a the expensive ones.

Also, jack-asses at work pissed me off because the guy who's the head of security has his head up his ass. Chris, the night guard saw this going on, but is unable to call the police because he isn't allowed to review the tape for the cops. So I had to report this morning. Then the morning receptionist told me I had to wait until 11 to file, because someone else needed to be behind the desk with her. I at this point got uber-pissed and then shot off a letter to the head of the security team letting him know that he's doing a piece of shit job and that even though my company has no financial libilty for the bike, they should at least make an attempt to try and assist us when stuff like this happens. Then my boss went up to talk to him.. I like my boss today.